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Rigid thermofoil doors are warranted against delaminating and yellowing for three years under normal conditions. Warranty does not cover installation, removal, labor of any kind or any product used or installed in conjunction with our products. Warranty covers replacement of doors and shipping only. There are no further warranties of any kind expressed or implied including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose except that our merchandise delivered pursuant to your order. We shall in no event be liable to you, or any others, for damages of any kind, including but not limited to direct, indirect, general, or consequential damages, resulting from any cause. You agree our sole liability to you shall be the replacement of any product which is defective, such replacement to be with like or similar product which is readily available.

You agree that if our merchandise is defective, you will inform us in writing within seventy-two hours of delivery. Your failure to inform us constitutes an absolute waiver on your part of any and all claims against us. Any item claimed to be defective must be returned for inspection.


A service charge of 1.5 % per month (18% annum) shall accrue on balances unpaid after 30 days.

In the event your checks are dishonored by your bank you will, per Iowa statutes, be liable for three times the face amount of the check. The minimum penalty is at least $50.00 up to $2500.00 together with the face amount of the check, plus a service charge, court costs, and reasonable attorney fees. If we receive from you NSF checks, or you exceed your credit limit, we reserve the right to cancel without notice your charge privileges and accept orders on a COD basis only. A minimum service charge of $25.00 will be charged on any NSF check and future purchases must be handled by certified check.

You will be liable for all cost of collection, including reasonable attorney fees. You consent to the jurisdiction of the Iowa District Court for Floyd County to resolve all disputes, and to the application of Iowa Law.

New accounts will be shipped COD or prepaid until credit has been established. Credit may be established by having a credit application processed and approved, and by keeping your account current. Established accounts who have ordered and built up credit will be net in 30 days. We reserve the right to cancel without notice your charge privileges. Changes in payment terms may be made upon 30 days notice to the customer.